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Meet AZDFI’s Management Team
A brief biography for each of AZDFI’s Management Team

Arizona Department of Financial Institutions

The Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (AZDFI), formerly known as the State Banking Department, was originally codified in 1922 and enacted into law in 1973.  The purpose of the Department is to safeguard the public welfare by protecting the financial assets of the citizens of Arizona.

AZDFI is statutorily charged with the licensing, supervision and regulation of state-chartered financial institutions and enterprises.  Our responsibility is twofold:  Ensuring the safety and soundness of the financial services industry in Arizona, as well as compliance with state and applicable federal laws. The Department also investigates complaints that are filed by consumers against licensed entities and directs appropriate remedial action if the violations are substantiated.

AZDFI is routinely a net contributor to the State’s General Fund.  The Department is a self-supporting branch of state government.  Revenues are derived solely from supervision, examinations and licensing fees which are assessed to those financial institutions and enterprises which are regulated by the Department.

AZDFI strives to maintain an equitable balance between the interests and needs of the financial services industry and those of the consumer.  The Department will continue to respond as the industry evolves in the face of competition and technological advancement to maintain viable, competitive industry in Arizona and a safe and sound environment for all residents of the State.






Our Mission

To license, examine, and supervise Financial Institutions, in compliance with State law, to ensure safety for the Arizona consumer and soundness for the Arizona business.

Our Vision

Advance a nationally recognized, strong and vibrant financial marketplace benefiting Arizona citizens and businesses.

Our Goals

  • To conduct a professional, efficient and effective examination program, meeting statutory requirements and ensuring licensees operate in a safe and sound manner and comply with all applicable laws.

  • To create new strategies to keep pace with the changing financial services industry.

Our Strategies

  • A thorough investigation of the applicants for all permits and licenses issued by the Department at the speed of business.
  • An ongoing program of examination of licensees to determine the safety and soundness of their operations and to identify those licensees with serious financial or operational problems.
  • Ensuring that management of the licensees initiate timely and effective corrective action by complying with Arizona statutes and rules.

Agency Five-Year Strategic Plan

FY2020 Budget Request

Regulatory Bill of Rights