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Appraisal Decisions

Appraisal Decisions

Posted are all Final Orders affecting real estate appraisers within the prior 10 years, per Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records Schedule 999-14-17. Disciplinary actions against Arizona appraisers are also posted by the National Registry of the Appraisal Subcommittee.

Subject Matter

Affected Credential

Case Number(s)

Date Issued

Thomas Oakley Certified General Appraiser 17F13245-BOA 06/29/17
Revocation of Walter W Reed, Certification No. 20769 Certified Residential Appraiser 16F-3812-BOA 09/28/16
Revocation of Steven H Slaton, Certification No. 21114 Certified Residential Appraiser 16F-3761-BOA 01/22/16

Revocation of Donna L. Hastings, Certification No. 21954

Certified Residential Appraiser Case 3706 02/03/15

Revocation of Frank Rose, Certification No. 20676

Certified Residential Appraiser

14F-3366-BOA and 14F-3510-BOA

Revocation of James R Nelson, Certification No. 30173 Certified General Appraiser 14F-3551-BOA 10/16/13
Revocation of Renee A Devries, License No. 11897 Licensed Residential Appraiser Case 2792 03/29/11
Revocation of Michael T Asher, Certification No. 21401 Certified Residential Appraiser 09F-2782-BOA; 09F-2783-BOA (Consolidated) 06/10/10
Revocation of Rodney L Martensen, License No. 10079 Licensed Residential Appraiser 08F-2542-BOA; 08F-2543-BOA; 08F-2544-BOA; 08F-2632-BOA; 08F-2750-BOA 12/21/09
Revocation of Dawna G Khourdepaz, License No. 11124 Licensed Residential Appraiser Case 2833 10/19/09
Revocation of Michael S Mason, Certification No. 21238 Certified General Appraiser Case 2791 07/29/09
Revocation of Michael D Schendel, License No. 10793 Licensed Residential Appraiser Case 2497 05/18/09
Revocation of Shahab A Mehkri, Certification No. 21190 Certified General Appraiser 07F-2311-BOA-res; 07F-2312-BOA-res; 07F-2313-BOA-res; 07F-2314-BOA-res; 07F-2315-BOA-res; 08F-2583-BOA and 08F-2584-BOA (Consolidated) 02/24/09

Revocation of Joshua Hernandez, License No. 10453

Licensed Residential Appraiser 07F-2225-BOA 06/24/08