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Arizona Administrative Code: Administrative Rules

AZDFI’s Administrative Rules can be found in Title 20, Chapter 4 and Title 4, Chapter 46 of the Arizona Administrative Code and can be accessed at the following website - Click here

The website—RedTape.AZ.Gov—is a new online service that empowers Arizonans to make recommendations about how to update our state’s regulatory system. The innovative program allows individuals across the state to recommend ways to improve or eliminate outdated (often-hidden) regulations directly to the Governor’s Office at no cost to them or to their business.

For questions or concerns regarding the rule making process please contact or the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, 2910 N. 44th Street, Suite 310, Phoenix, AZ 85018, and by telephone at (602) 771-2778..

Please be advised when reading the final rules that new final language is underlined. Language not underlined is language that already exists in the administrative rules.

To view a rulemaking document filed in a final project, select from the following lists:

Agency Rule Making

Title 20, Chapter 4, Article 1. General, Article 9. Mortgage Brokers, Article 18. Mortgage Bankers Effective December 2,2012
Title 20, Chapter 4, Article 13 Loan Originators Effective October 24, 2010

Regulatory Agenda

Regulatory Agenda for 2016 PDF format
Regulatory Agenda for 2015 PDF format
Regulatory Agenda for 2014 PDF format
Regulatory Agenda for 2013 PDF format
Regulatory Agenda for 2012 PDF format


Other Information:

For an overview of Arizona State Revised Statutes governing the agency and links to the text of those statutes, go to the Laws page.

Title 20 and Title 4 rules are made available by the Secretary of State's Office. For more general information about all state agency administrative codes, press the link below to reach the Office of the Secretary of State.