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Forms and Fees

Pursuant to Arizona Administrative Code R20-4-104, the Superintendent has the discretion to accept alternative application forms, but it does not limit the Superintendent’s power to require additional information necessary to complete an application.

As a general rule for banks, and in a Federal/State cooperative effort to cut down on duplicate application submission, a copy of the application submitted to the appropriate federal agency is the acceptable form to submit to AZDFI.  For Non- Member banks contact FDIC.  For Member banks contact FRB.

Please refer to Arizona Revised Statutes §§6-101 through 6-395 and Arizona Administrative Code R20-4-201 through R20-4-215 for Arizona Law.  You can contact Greg Dunn at 602-771-2822 for specific questions to Arizona statutes and rules.   Please contact your chosen federal regulator for specific questions on federal laws and regulations.



Conference of State Bank Supervisors

Federal Reserve Board

Large Bank Supervision


Arizona Corporation Commision


Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council


Tax information for Corportations



New Bank Organization

Interagency Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Application FDIC 3064-0001

PDF file

Word file


For State member banks see:

Application for membership in the Federal Reserve System: Interagency Biographical or Financial Report

Application for Acquisition/Merger

Interagency Bank Merger Act Application FDIC 3064-0015 PDF file Word file

For State member banks see:

Interagency Bank Merger Act Application

Application for Consent to Exercise Trust Powers FDIC 6200/09 PDF file Word file

Application to Establish a Branch, Limited Branch Office, Interstate Branch or to Relocate a Branch or limited Branch Office (CSBS)

For banks entering the state under the Dodd's Frank Act please provide AZDFI with, your state regulatory approval, FDIC/FRB approval, Corporation Commission approval, information keeping us informed and a contact person for complaints by Arizona Residents

Interagency Notice of Change in Director of Senior Executive Officer FDIC 3064-0097 PDF file


For State member banks see:

Interagency Notice of Change in Director or Senior

For the following applications see: (

  • Applications pursuant to Prompt Corrective Action
  • Applications for Brokered Deposit Waiver
  • Application to Establish or Relocate Domestic Branch of Office
  • Application for an Extension of Time
  • Application to Enter Contracts and Make Golden Parachute or Excess Severance Plan Payments
  • Application to reduce or Retire Capital Stock or Capital Debt

For member banks see:

Application/structure change

Request for Background Check/Fingerprint Card Instructions  
Application Fees for Financial Institutions  
Nationwide Cooperative Agreement for uniform interstate application/Notice Agreement Applications