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Annual Reports

A.R.S. §6-861. Reports

A. The superintendent may require reports of financial condition and relevant information concerning the business operations of each trust company, shall fix and extend the time for the filing of such reports and shall assess a penalty of fifty dollars for each day the trust company is delinquent

A.A.C. R20-4-805. Reports
A. Within 90 days following each December 31, each trust department and trust company shall file an annual report of trust assets with the Superintendent on the form prescribed by the Superintendent. The annual report shall include the current market value of all trust assets held by the trust department or trust company as of December 31. The report shall also identify and briefly describe all transactions conducted in the report period that are regulated by R20-4-812(E) through R20-4-812(G).
B. Each trust company shall deliver a copy of its annual report and certificate of disclosure to the Superintendent within 10 days of filing the report and certificate at the Arizona Corporation Commission. A report or certificate covered by this subsection is one filed under the authority of A.R.S. §§ 10-202 or 10-1622. A copy delivered to the Superintendent, as required in this subsection, shall be date-stamped by the Arizona Corporation Commission to confirm the actual filing date.
C. Each trust company shall notify the Superintendent of any change in the directors or officers of the company within 10 days of the change. Any trust company with more than 25 officers may, after obtaining the Superintendent's written approval, limit the officers covered by this subsection to those with substantial involvement in the trust company's corporate operations or in the trust company's trust business in this state.