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12/08/14 -12/12/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry attended the CSBS Board Meeting & Supervisors Symposium held in Washington DC.  Mr. Kingry is current a member of the Executive Committee for the CSBS Board and serves as the Treasure for the Board and the affiliated subsidiaries to CSBS.  The Symposium combines States Regulators with their Federal Regulator counterparts to compare industry successes and concerns.  Topics included interest rate risk, cybersecurity, loan quality in banks, and de novo banking applications.

12/5/14 - Tamilee Smull, Financial Institutions Division Manager attended the first of five outreach meetings held by Federal Banking Regulators in Los Angeles.  The meetings are being held as part of the 10 year review of federal regulations under the EGRPRA efforts to modernize banking regulations by eliminating unnecessary or over-burdensome regulations.  Bankers and other interested persons may respond to requests for feedback regarding the EGRPRA efforts.

12/2/14 -12/4/2014 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry attend the FFIEC meeting and SLC Briefing held in Washington DC.  Mr. Kingry is a member of the State Liaison Committee representing the States Regulators across the country.  Topics included Cybersecurity in our financial institutions, updates Federal Appraisal Subcommittee, and discussions around outdated and unnecessary Federal banking regulation.

11/18 -11/20/14 – Superintendent Lauren Kingry attended the Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance Meeting and Organizational Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico  This two day meeting was to keep Alliance-affiliated investigators, prosecutors, analysts and all levels of government in touch with each other for all aspects of money laundering between states and countries.  Panel presentations and Program reports from all states were provided as well as Alliance instructions to the program recipients about future funding matters

10/6/14-10/8/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry attended the CSBS Executive Committee meeting in Washington DC.  The Superintendent and other State Banking Supervisor members met with FDIC Chairman Marty Gruenberg  and OCC Director Tom Curry.  In separate meetings the Exec. Committee for the CSBS, discussion industry trends and issues. 

09/26/14  – Superintendent Lauren Kingry, Robert Charlton, Financial Enterprise Manager and Legislative Liaison Louis Dettorre attended the Arizona Collectors Association 2014 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.   Superintendent Kingry was guest speaker.  The topics included emerging issues for collections agencies as well as supervisory comments from the Agency.

09/25/14 – Superintendent Lauren Kingry moderated the annual RMA lending panel held at the Arizona Country Club.  Approximately 40 people were in attendance from several industries, including bank lenders.  The panel consisted of four local Chief Lending Officers for banks in Arizona.  The panelists responded to a variety of questions regarding the current lending and regulatory issues in the industry. 

09/24/14-09/26/14 - Susan Zimmerman, IT Manager attended the CSBS Technology Seminar & ETS-ALERT Users & Refresher Training.   57 IT managers and examiners from 24 states participated in the annual Seminar.  Topics included IT confessions and dialogues, state IT demos, cybersecurity, IT and business resiliency, NMLS roadmap, FDIC technology roadmap, cloud computing, bring your own devices for workplace mobility and Examination Tool Suite update.

09/22/14-09/24/14 - Tamilee Smull, Financial Institutions Division Manager and Arizona Bankers Association President Mike  J. Thorell attended the second annual Community Banking in the 21st Century Research Conference hosted by CSBS and the Federal Reserve.  The second day of the conference featured the release of the 2014 community banking report, which includes results from a national survey of more than 1,000 community bankers from across the country, as well as the summaries of community banker town hall meetings that were hosted by state bank commissioners this spring and summer.

09/19/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry was guest speaker at the 2014 Mountain West Credit Union Association Economic Summit.  The Superintendent spoke on current issues of opportunity and caution for the industry from a regulators perspective.

8/25/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry, and Legislative Liaison Louis Dettorre held Association meetings today with representatives from the Arizona Collectors Association and the Arizona Title Loan Association to discuss industry updates and current topics, as well as inquiring of how the Agency was handling the licensing and supervising responsibilities.  Also in attendance from the Agency was Bob Charlton, Financial Services Manager and Richard Fergus, Licensing Manager. 

8/18/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry, Assistant Superintendent Financial Services Division Bob Charlton, Licensing Manager Richard Fergus, and Legislative Liaison Louis Dettorre held a meeting with representatives from the Land Title Association of Arizona and the Arizona State Escrow Association to provide an industry update and discuss current topics.

8/18/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry, Legislative Liaison Louis Dettorre and Licensing Manager Richard Fergus held an association meeting with representatives from the Arizona Association of Mortgage Professionals (AzAMP) and Arizona Mortgage Lender’s Association (AMLA) to provide an industry update and discuss current topics.

8/04/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry and Examiner Gaby Macias attended the 2014 25th Annual American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulator Conference held in Seattle, Washington.  This conference included the State Regulator NMLS meeting and an SRR Board meeting.  The conference focused on mortgage servicing, BSA/AML compliance and CFPB updates.

7/22/2014 - 7/24/2014 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry attended the CSBS District V/ Western Regulators Meeting held at the FDIC regional offices in San Francisco.   This semi-annual meeting focused on cyber fraud/security, emerging risks: BSA, compliance, IT and governance in today’s banking environment.  The meeting also includes the 9 western states in the FDIC region which are part of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors.  Among those present were the Regional staff members of the FDIC, CFPB and the OCC.   

6/26/14 - To all Mortgage Brokers: AZDFI is taking nominations for the  Mortgage Broker Testing Committee.(The deadline has been extended to July 31, 2014) 

6/20/14 - AZDFI conducted a town hall meeting for the Arizona community bankers to gather and  discuss the  challenges and opportunities that community banks face in light of the rapidly changing federal regulations.  Executives from the Arizona State Chartered banks  joined AZDFI Superintendent Lauren Kingry, Bank Division Manager Tamilee Smull, and Legislative Liaison Louis Dettorre at the meeting.   The town hall was held, in part, as preparation for the upcoming Community Bank Research Conference, to be held at the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank in September, 2014.   Arizona was one of many states participating in the town hall meetings – a partnership effort of the CSBS and the Federal Reserve Board to facilitate ongoing communication with community bankers and regulators, regarding the impact of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  

6/15/2014 - 6/16/2014 - Lauren Kingry, Superintendent, Robert Charlton, Division Manager and Mark Murphy, Examiner attended the U.S. Mexico Binational Anti-Money Laundering Symposium which brings together Mexico’s federal and U.S. state financial regulatory officials, and financial crime investigators and prosecutors to share experiences and information concerning current trends and best practices in the prevention and disruption of Money laundering activities by transnational criminal organizations held in Tempe Arizona.  Mark Murphy gave a presentation on best practices to enhance and support collaboration among state and federal southwest border area regulators.  Mr. Murphy discussed current issues the state and federal regulators are facing as it relates to money services businesses and an overview of examination trends within the money service business industry.

6/10/14 - 6/13-14 - Robert D. Charlton, Assistant Superintendent and Financial Enterprise Division Manager attended the National Association of Consumer Credit Administrators 79th Annual Meeting and Regulators’ Training Symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   This annual meeting is attended by state regulators from all over the country that focus on non-depository licensees. Discussions are held regarding common issues taking place in various states, speakers from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) provide federal updates, National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) speakers discuss their system, small dollar credit discussions, student lending issues, and finally, joint meetings are held with industry members of the American Financial Services Association (AFSA) and the Financial Services Centers of America (CFSA). The conference provides an excellent opportunity for regulators and private businesses to work together to address common issues that impact consumers, states and the companies that offer financial services.

6/9/14- Superintendent Lauren Kingry was guest speaker at the Arizona Bankers Association 111th Annual Convention in Sedona, Arizona. Mr. Kingry provided an update on the state of Arizona banking as well as emerging issues which could affect Arizona on the national front.  Bank Presidents and CEO’s were in attendance along with many bank Board Members

5/14/14 - Robert Charlton, Assistant Superintendent and Financial Enterprise Manager was guest speaker at the (AzAMP) Arizona Association of Mortgage Professional’s Central Chapter monthly meeting in Scottsdale, AZ.   There were approximately 60 people in attendance.  Mr. Charlton spoke on the Department statistics, what licenses DFI regulates, loan originator examinations, multi-state examinations, CFPB examinations, E-examinations and common violations found during the examination process.

5/14/14 - CSBS announced its 2014-2015 Board and Officers yesterday.   Superintendent Lauren W. Kingry takes the position of treasurer of the CSBS Executive Committee See the CSBS press release here.

5/11/14 - 5/16/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry attended the CSBS State-Federal Supervisory Forum in Chicago, Ill.  At the Symposium key issue were discussed such as Examining the Cyber Threat, Strategies for Success in the 21st Century – Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce, Mortgage Rules, TILA/RESPA disclosures and Crypto-Currency.  Mr. Kingry also accepted his nomination to be the Treasurer for the CSBS organization for the 2014/2015 fiscal year.  All Federal Regulatory Agencies were represented at this Symposium.

4/17/14 - Lauren Kingry, Superintendent and Louis Dettorre, Legislative Liaison attended the Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association (“AMLA”) monthly luncheon in Scottsdale. Superintendent Kingry provided an industry, regulatory and legislative update.  

4/2/14 - June Beckwith, AZDFI attended the 8th annual Webcast-Financial Literacy Summit 2014 sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Visa.   The webcast included two panel discussions; “Bringing Financial Literacy to the Unbanked and Underbanked” and “Reaching the Unbanked and Underbanked with Financial Literacy Resources”. The key goal is to get Financial Literacy taught in all public schools.  A few of the many interesting topics that were discussed: The U.S. Treasury Department is developing A myRA (“My retirement Account”) which is a new program offering a retirement savings account that is a savings bond wrapped in an IRA via payroll deduction and can travel from workplace to workplace so that young people can build a retirement account.  The Treasury Department is also working on a Financial Empowerment Fund, soliciting fun and innovative ideas for young and lower income people to leverage savings.

3/25/14 - Tamilee Smull, Financial Institutions Division Manager participated at the Western Independent Bankers Annual Conference held in Tucson, Arizona.   Smull joined Federal Regulators and Federal Deposit Insurers on a panel to deliver a Learning Session for Bank Presidents, Senior Officers and Directors. The discussion topics included current concerns such as Cyber-security,  Interest Rate Risk and Industry Consolidation and included a question and answer session.  Other panel members included Laura Fiene, Assistant Regional Director, CFPB; Kathy Moe, Deputy Regional Director, FDIC; Joe Lozano, Vice President, Community Institutions Group, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco; Moderator: Bart Smith, Managing Director, Performance Trust Capital Partners, LLC.

3/24/14 - Lauren Kingry, Superintendent attended the CSBS Board of Directors meeting in Washington, DC.  Discussion of non-bank mortgage servicers was part of the meeting along with public policy development. The Superintendent also attended an FFIEC State Liaison Committee Meeting while in Washington discussing state participation on the FFIEC taskforces and LAG updates. 

3/24/14 - Lauren Kingry, Superintendent and Louis Dettorre, Legislative Liaison attended the CSBS Government Relations Fly-In.  More than 65 state regulators representing over 35 state agencies attend the Fly-in.  In addition to meetings with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and other Governors, Fly-In attendees heard from FDIC Vice Chair Tom Hoenig, Treasury Under Secretary Mary Miller, and Dan Crippen, the Executive Director of the National Governors’ Association. Other topical panels covered political and regulatory issues and CSBS data initiatives. During the day on the Hill, Fly-In attendees heard from House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) and Ranking Member Maxine Waters (D-CA), Senate Banking Committee Ranking Member Mike Crapo (R-ID), and Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND). Superintendent Kingry and Mr. Dettorre also met with members of the Arizona Delegation on the Hill. The topic of right-sizing community bank regulation was a common theme of the conference.

3/20/14 - Louis Dettorre, Legislative Liaison and Richard Fergus, Licensing Manager hosted a Capitol Day for the Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association (“AMLA”) at the Arizona State Capitol.  The Chair of the House Financial Institutions Committee, Representative Kate Brophy McGee (LD-28) was also in attendance to discuss the legislative process, mortgage related issues, and state compliance with federal regulation.

3/10/14 - Tamilee Smull, Financial Institutions Division Manager attended the NASCUS/NCUA Regulators 2014 National Conference in Pittsburg, PA. Smull attended the NASCUS Board meeting and met with other state Credit union Supervisors.  The State Supervisors were then joined by the NCUA Board Members and Regional Executives to discuss regulatory changes affecting credit unions.  The State and Federal Regulatory executives also spent time in breakout sessions to address industry challenges as well as Regional breakouts to discuss important matters identified during joint examinations.

3/4/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry was a panel member for the 2014 Forum for Community Bank Examiners hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Houston that was held from March 4 – 6, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.  The Forum provides community bank examiners with continuing professional development in relevant technical and non-technical skills, all within a dynamic and interactive environment designed to give participants networking opportunities with peers and increase job satisfaction.

2/23/2014 – Tamilee Smull, Financial Institutions Division Manager joined Former NASCUS Chairmen, as a member of the performance standards committee to participate in a peer review at another NASCUS accredited state agency.  Smull said “The experience was especially valuable to see how another state accomplishes examinations and addresses risk at credit unions. It also gave me a greater perspective about the differences in statutes and variances in organization structure among the states.  I am really glad to be working in Arizona DFI.”   The peer review is an integral part of the state financial institution supervisors and agency accreditation process.

2/6/14 - The Arizona Department of Financial Institutions and the Arizona Banker’s Association jointly organized a briefing held in the Executive Tower of the State Capitol for bankers from around the State.  Diverse supervisory officials in our region provided insight on emerging banking issues including: Superintendent Lauren Kingry, Kathy Moe, FDIC, Edwin Chow, CFPB, Kurt Raney, OCC, and Wallace Young, FRB

1/17/14 - Richard Metsger, who recently joined the NCUA Board, toured the western region by visiting with executives from TruWest Credit Union to discuss regulation, regulatory burdens and emerging issues for credit unions.  Superintendent Kingry and Division Manager Tamilee Smull also attended to represent AZDFI.

1/14/14 - 1/16/14 – Superintendent Lauren Kingry and Division Manager Tamilee Smull attended the CSBS Western Region Regulators Interagency & NASCUS Regional Regulators meeting in San Francisco, California.  The states held a day of round table discussions before joining their federal counterparts for a day and a half of presentations. Some of the topics at the NASCUS roundtable were legislative issues along with bitcoin/digital currency and split dollar/BOLI.

1/10/14 - Superintendent Lauren Kingry gave opening remarks for the “Protecting Homeowners” session of the CFPB Briefing on the New Mortgage Servicing Rule event held at the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix held by the National Association of Realtors.   Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray delivered remarks that primarily focused on the new mortgage servicing rules to protect consumers from risky loan products effective on January 10, 2014.

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